Antje (dieastra) wrote,

More snow pics

I took some more snow pictures today!

This was the view that greeted me when I stood up in the morning. Apparently it had snowed through the night.

 photo P2240009600x450.jpg

This is what it looks like when you actually can see something:

 photo P2240022600x450.jpg

 photo P2240023600x450.jpg

 photo P2240024600x450.jpg

 photo P2240025450x600.jpg

 photo P2240026450x600.jpg

 photo P2240027450x600.jpg

 photo P2240028450x600.jpg

 photo P2240029450x600.jpg

 photo P2240030450x600.jpg

And then I did something useful with the snow on my balkony. It was supposed to become a camel, but because of its sturdy legs and short neck, I thought it rather looks like a turtle, so I quickly adapted and made it what it clearly wanted to be LOL

 photo P2240038600x450.jpg

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