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John Barrowman announced for Fedcon, 9.-12. May, Düsseldorf, Germany

So on Saturday I saw John Barrowman at a book signing (see previous post) and when we heard him mention in passing that he would come for a convention to Germany this year we were not sure whether we had heard right, and nobody dared to ask more questions. We all swore secrecy and not to start any speculations online.

Well, and today it was announced indeed that he will come to Fedcon in May! How awesome is that? It's even more awesome if I tell you that I have never been to a Fedcon before, since it sounds like a very huge thing, with 3000+ people attending and I like more the smaller conventions (I know American cons are even bigger, but the ones I am used to are between 200 and 500 people, once for an evening with Kai Owen we were only 50!)

But this year my friend persuaded me to buy a ticket, and I mainly did so for Colin Ferguson, the sheriff from "Eureka". My problem with Fedcon also is that most guests are from "Star Trek" which I never watched so I don't even know them... so the only ones I know this year are Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Eve Myles. And well, now John Barrowman as well! Yay!

(I look forward to him trying out a bit more of German, he totally surprised me 2011 in London when he said "Irgendwann ich bin in Germany!")

So, anyone of you want to come as well? Here is the lists of guests:
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