Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Torchwood fic recommendation

I'm not recommending fics very often (have I ever?) but I just read this one and I think it's really one of the best stories ever written. Which is even more amazing since it is the author's very first ever. It's about the aftermath of the year that never was - yeah, another YTNW fic, but this one is - different. It has not only broken Jack and Ianto trying to deal with it, it actually also has a real story, a case the Torchwood team needs to solve, and of course in the end it all comes together very nicely. The dialogues are spot on, and all the Torchwood team members in their uniqueness.

So if you have a bit of time (and should not actually be sleeping like I should right now) here is the first chapter by felt_so_alive, the other four are linked:
Tags: fic, recommendations, torchwood

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