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Meme: First lines

Fun meme going around right now! Thank you elrhiarhodan
Let's see, most of my stories are "Stargate" stories. I haven't yet translated the two "Doctor Who" stories. The very last one is a "Torchwood" story I wrote last Christmas.
So first line is whatever comes before the first stop? I'm afraid I have a few very short ones, then ;) Not all are uploaded at my LJ yet but if you get curious, drop me a note and I'll do it.

1. „No. Thanks anyway for the invitation, but no.“

2. ‚I wonder if I’m getting old’, the man with the many names thought.

3. Immediately upon entering the room I knew my life was lost.

4. „Aaaaaarrrrrghhh…“ O’Neill screamed involuntary when he fell into the deep.

5. ”Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Teal’c, happy birthday to you!“

6. Jack was whistling along with „Jingle Bells“ as it was played on the CD.

7. Colonel O’Neill struggled with everything he had against the gravitational pull of the black hole.

8. Brigadier General Jack O’Neill stared disbelievingly at Sergeant Siler as he used a fire-extinguisher as a weapon against Dr. Lee’s „little” plant.

9. At first you should make sure that all ingredients are available and ready
in sufficient quantity.

10. Finally some free time!

11. Cold. He really was cold.

12. Friday evening.

13. It was the end of November.

14. Oliver had a short moment of disorientation when he came to.

15. The arrow through his chest was one of only a few things which had ever really surprised him in his life.

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