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AFT TW: Torchwood, the band (Part 2/2) after the fanfiction "Music and Monsters" by Eagleoftheninth

So sorry I kept you waiting so long for this second part. I was occupied with other stuff which I can't wait to show you. So, if you already have forgotten about the first part of Torchwood as a band, you can find the pictures here

And here's again the link to the fanfiction that inspired it all in the first place: Music and Monsters by eagleoftheninth

Quote: The rest of the band still hadn’t come down from the ecstatic high of music and exhaustion when Jack led the man into their dressing room. Gwen thought she recognised his spiked hair and Clark Kent glasses from the audience, but she was too tired to be sure. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet like there was still music playing, and grinning from ear to ear.

“Magnifico! Molto bene!” he exclaimed, darting from member to member of the band to shake their hands enthusiastically. “I wasn’t sure about you when I first heard about you, but once I’d seen you in concert, well...I’m from Blue Box Records. D’you think we can negotiate?”

 photo dressingroom1600x450.jpg

 photo dressingroom3600x450.jpg

 photo dressingroom2450x600.jpg

 photo dressingroom4600x450.jpg

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