Antje (dieastra) wrote,

I'm going to Glasgow! (again)

So, it's official now: There will be a pantomime with John Barrowman in Glasgow at the end of the year again. Back in January I experienced my first ever pantomime, and now I'm sorry I did not listen to my friends years ago who told me how much fun it is. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, here is my report about Jack and the Beanstalk

This year's panto is called "Dick McWhittington" but no matter what the story - with John it is bound to be fun and innuendo and songs and dances and did I mention fun? ;) The Krankies are there again as well, and I need to turn my ears to the Scottish accent again! Good that we went to see it four times last year, as it took a while for me to understand everything.

Never mind that I already bought the tickets two weeks ago - John had been in this Canadian TV show which got livestreamed and he kinda let it slip that he will be in Glasgow again at the end of the year. Cue frenzy tickets booking at the late Friday evening. But today it was made official which I am very happy about - otherwise I would have lost a lot of money. Yes, I'm crazy. I'm a fan, what do you expect? LOL

So *looks around friends list* Who's coming? We will be there at the last week and weekend in January. The last matinee is even more fun, with all the extra stuff they add. Last year we got to see John in the clothes of a Brasilian Samba dancer...

PS: Hope he's not on a horse again after the bad accident last time...
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