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Our Trip to Millport/Auchinmurn from the book "Hollow Earth" - picspam part 1/2

This entry is specifically for lbfmusic and anyone else who wants to know more about our trip to the Scottish island where the book "Hollow Earth" is set. Sorry I had to split it up - we haven't even reached the island yet and already it's 20 pictures. But I want to do this properly.

So, for those that don't know, John and Carole Barrowman write a children book series, and the first one is called "Hollow Earth" and the second part which came out in February is called "Bone Quill". It's about twins, Emily and Matt, who are Animare - they can paint pictures which then become alive, or they also can get into paintings themselves, and travel back to the middle ages for example. I really like those books, even though I am not much into Harry Potter and phantasy stuff, but I always liked drawing and I think they are well written.

A big part of this book takes place in Auchinmurn, which in real live is the island Cumbrae. When we were in Glasgow for the panto with John, our Facebook group of Torchwood fans did a day trip to this island. They are very proud to become so famous!

First we went by train to the city Largs, which is right on the coast. It's only one hour and apparently a trip to the island is what Glaswegians do in the Summertime. John and Carole also often have been there with their families when they were kids. Which is one of the reason why the books are so rich with little details, you just feel they know what they write about.

 photo P1040068.jpg

The next pictures are in Largs already:

 photo P1040072.jpg

 photo P1040073.jpg

 photo P1040074.jpg

The ferry terminal:

 photo P1040075.jpg

 photo P1040076.jpg

 photo P1040077.jpg

 photo P1040081.jpg

 photo P1040082.jpg

 photo P1040084.jpg

 photo P1040085.jpg

You can see the ferry in the distance:

 photo P1040091.jpg

 photo P1040096.jpg

 photo P1040097.jpg

On the ferry:

 photo P1040104.jpg

 photo P1040105.jpg

There you can see the bus which we then needed to take:

 photo P1040107.jpg

A Welcome:

 photo P1040108.jpg

 photo P1040109.jpg

And that's what the isle looks like. You can see the ferry port in the upper right, and the one and only city called Millport down at the bottom. The bus ride did actually take quite a while!

 photo P1040110.jpg

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