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Can someone explain to me, please?

I know, I know, everyone prefers AO3 (and I finally got what the 3 in there stands for, sometimes I am very slow) but I don't have an invitation code, nor do I know where to get one. But yesterday evening I remembered that I actually have signed up to years ago - mainly to be able to review lolmac 's stories. And only now I have put up my first story.

Of course, like every new autor, I am eager to know whether or not it actually gets read. Apparently it does, story stats shows 78 readers so far from 15 different countries. I even got my first review today.

But can someone please explain to me why I have trouble finding it in the list of other stories? I admit that I clicked away too fast at the last uploading step, there was mention of "be aware it can take up to 4 days bla bla..." but then immediately I got the e-mail notification that it was up and I thought that was it.

But when I click on "Arrow" fics in general, where the newest are displayed at the top, it is not there. Yesterday the trick was to search for "characters: Malcolm Merlyn" and after that two stories popped up, one of them mine, but today not even that works. Instead, I got this message: "Note: M rated entries are not displayed by default"

What does that even mean? I know FFnet does not want hot sex stories and the highest up rating. And while mine does not actual have any graphic violence, I still thought M would be a good rating. It's not the highest in the shop, so why is it not displayed? Not even when I specifically search for rating M? What am I doing wrong? And how are all those readers able to stumble about my story, when it is nowhere displayed? Just wondering. Maybe I'm overlooking something. If you want to look for yourself, the story is called "Caught".

I am happy for any help or explanation how to use the page further! (I also must have done something wrong when uploading my file, in the description it said that you were able to review and edit it before it gets posted, but I never actually saw the text. It went straight to posting and I did edit it afterwards)

As for the review - I answer this by clicking the Reply URL link in the notification e-mail, right?

Edit: Okay it's there now in the main list when I change the "Ratings K-T" to "Ratings: All" but still nothing comes up when I sarch for the characteres. Even though I search for "Ratings: All" it says "Note: M r ated entries are not displayed by default" Doesn't that actually contradict the other search? Does that mean the site is broken? Should I save myself a lot of hassle and just change the rating?

Edit2: celeste9 found the problem: Even though I had tagged Oliver when I first uploaded the story, he must have vanished later, so that's why the story did not come up when I searched for Malcolm AND Oliver. Problem solved!
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