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Petition to get John Barrowman to do a concert in Düsseldorf prior to Fedcon (if he's invited back)

This is mostly for all my German friends and also for those in surrounding countries, who would be willing to travel to Dusseldorf. We are trying to gauge the interest in a JB concert. I know there might be people who would like to go but not necessarily to Fedcon as well, but the idea was that for the convention many people travel anyway to Dusseldorf, so it would be easier to combine and the numbers might be higher. Alas, there seem not to be enough JB fans in Germany to fill one of his halls alone.

You can sign it here:

Text of petition:

This petition was born during a talk with our "Torchwood 4 Fans" members on facebook last night and was inspired by John Barrowman's comments during FedCon that he would like to do concerts in other countries than the UK and that the main venue at the Maritim Hotel in Duesseldorf would be perfect for a concert. A big JB concert tour wouldn't work in Germany... yet, but a single pre-FedCon concert seems more realistic. So next time John is invited and coming to FedCon (and he will be invited again because he was a huge success), why shouldn't he do a concert just the Wednesday before the convention when people are already in town or could easily plan to arrive a day early for John's concert. John will need 500 signatures to show to the promoters that people are interested in his concerts. Please sign the petition and share the petition link with all your JB fandom friends, groups and pages. Thanks! :-) Bettina Brauer
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