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Our Trip to Millport/Auchinmurn from the book "Hollow Earth" - picspam part 2/3

First part of this picspam can be found under this link

We interrupt our daily BarrowmanPics because it has been brought to my attention (thanks again lbfmusic ) that I never showed you more of my Millport pictures. So here is part 2:

As you can see from those pictures, we had sunshine and blue sky (see the cut under the picture for lots more pictures).

 photo P1040111600x450.jpg

 photo P1040112600x450.jpg

 photo P1040113600x450.jpg

 photo P1040114600x450.jpg

 photo P1040116600x450.jpg

Millport is a very small city, we walked up this street to this little church.

 photo P1040117450x600.jpg

 photo P1040118450x600.jpg

 photo P1040119450x600.jpg

 photo P1040121450x600.jpg

We had someone from Edinburgh with us, she explained that from the letters on this letter box you can see how old this one is. Apparently they always have the name of the king (or queen) and since these are not Elizabeth's initials, and she is on there for quite a while now... Gotta lern something new every day!

 photo P1040122450x600.jpg

Entry to those houses from the street were over a bridge to the first floor, and then inside you had to go down the stairs to the ground floor. Amazing!

 photo P1040124450x600.jpg

I loved the moss!

 photo P1040125600x450.jpg

 photo P1040126450x600.jpg

And this is a huge cathedral, which we also visited. I took lots more pictures, so I will leave you here and please remind me again if I forget to post more *g*

 photo P1040129600x450.jpg

 photo P1040132450x600.jpg

 photo P1040133600x450.jpg

 photo P1040134600x450.jpg

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