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AFT Doctor Who/Torchwood: The Doctor and Jack are gardening - Spring (part 1/3)

This story was done together with my friend sarou_irai I was waiting to post these till we actually have Spring, but since it doesn't seem to get here this year, have some action figure theatre! Click the LJ-cut to see the whole story.

The Doctor and Jack enjoy some time off.

 photo Spring01.jpg

Jack has sown some vegetables.

 photo Spring02.jpg

The Doctor has no idea what to do with this strange tool.

 photo Spring03.jpg

 photo Spring04.jpg

 photo Spring05.jpg

 photo Spring06.jpg

The TARDIS has been changed into a rabbit hutch (the original idea belongs to someone from our German TTT forum, who did this in real size - awesome! It's what inspired this whole gardening AFT)

 photo Spring07.jpg

 photo Spring08.jpg

 photo Spring09.jpg

 photo Spring10.jpg

Then Jack helps the Doctor and shows how to plant the turnips.

 photo Spring12.jpg

 photo Spring14.jpg

Finally Jack is watering the plants.

 photo Spring15.jpg

 photo Spring16.jpg

 photo Spring13.jpg

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