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Customizing: Owen from "Torchwood"

For some odd reason, there never was an official Owen figure, even though he is as much a member of the Torchwood team like Jack, Gwen, Ianto and Tosh. There was supposed to be a figure for wave 3 and some lucky people have seen it at a fair, but it never got made, since the character died at the end of season 2. My figures always felt incomplete and I got tired of trying to find excuses why Owen would not be in my action figure picture stories. So I created my own Owen!

 photo Owen4.jpg

I don't remember who had this idea but it was a great one - use the figure of Toby from "The impossible planet". This is what he originally looked like:

 photo Owen1.jpg

I had to remove all the signs in his face and on his hands. There are unpossessed Toby figures, but they are hard to come by and more expensive.

Then I used some Milliput to change the sleeves into lab coat sleeves:

 photo Owen2.jpg

Then came the most fun part: I painted the picture on his t-shirt. Might have been easier to just print and glue it, but I was up for the challenge, and I think it looks quite good! For your next Trivia Pursuit, the picture is from the episode "Something Borrowed" where I could get some great screenshots.

 photo Owen3.jpg

Finally I added the coat, which originally belonged to Doctor Constantine from the episode "The empty Child":

 photo Owen5.jpg

 photo Owen6.jpg

 photo Owen600x400.jpg
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