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Adventures of the guys, aka Ben Browder in 12", by Beth Brown on Facebook

Today I want to show you some awesome page. I found the link on sgamadison's LJ and I have to thank her highly for it. Because it's really great. The lady that does those pictures is obviously a Ben Browder fan. She buys all the 12" Cameron Mitchell figures from "Stargate" who comes in green uniform, and then buys lots of clothes to change them into all the characteres Ben has ever played. John Crichton from "Farscape" of course, and there is also the Sheriff from "Doctor Who". And lots more I don't recognize.

Here is an album explaing all the characteres:

And then there are lots of funny stories she does with them. She started to post them on her own page, here are some great pictures:

But now they have their own Facebook page, here is a link to all the albums, just have a look through it all (I admit I am not finished yet myself):

I love the way she poses them - they look so real. As if they really walk around and talk.
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