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AFT: Crocodile Rock at Isle of Cumbrae / Millport / Auchinmurm / Hollow Earth

Today arrived the Crocodile Rock model, made by Paul Watling from the Isle of Cumbrae Tourist office in his spare time and can be purchased here:
The real Crocodile Rock is at the coast/beach and looks like this:

 photo P1040175600x450.jpg

We visited the island near Glasgow back in January, because it became quite famous after being used as a location (called "Auchinmurn") for the "Hollow Earth" book series by Carole and John Barrowman. I have posted some pictures of this trip already here and here. There's more to follow.

So of course I had to set up some scenes with my nice tiny Crocodile Rock - they are under the LJ cut:

The kids love to climb on the rocks:

 photo Crocodile02.jpg

The man with the binoculars is watching the seals:

 photo Crocodile03.jpg

 photo Crocodile04.jpg

The children like to play in the sand:

 photo Crocodile05.jpg

The beach is full of shells and snail shells:

 photo Crocodile06.jpg

This man likes to collect them in his bucket:

 photo Crocodile07.jpg

But wait, what's this? A surfing alien? Guess that is only possible in Auchinmurn:

 photo Crocodile08.jpg

 photo Crocodile01.jpg
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