Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Rugby nations as mosaic at the pavement in front of the Cardiff Millennium Stadium

This post is especially for tardisjournal and everyone who likes mosaics, as I do (one day I am going to do a similar one for the pavements of Vancouver - watch this space). Behind the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is a lovely walk near a small river, and you can see all those mosaics representing rugby nations. See if you can identify all the symbols!

 photo PA170367.jpg

 photo PA170365.jpg

 photo PA170366.jpg

 photo PA170360.jpg

 photo PA170363.jpg

 photo PA170364.jpg

 photo PA170361.jpg

 photo PA170362.jpg

 photo PA170359.jpg

 photo PA170356.jpg

 photo PA170355.jpg

 photo PA170358.jpg

 photo PA170357.jpg

 photo PA170354.jpg

 photo PA170353.jpg

 photo PA170349.jpg

 photo PA170350.jpg

 photo PA170347.jpg

 photo PA170348.jpg

 photo PA170351.jpg

 photo PA170352.jpg
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