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AFT SG-1: The SG-team is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the movie "Continuum"

Apparently July 29th marks the fifth anniversary of the Stargate movie “Continuum”, as I was told by mrspollifax and a_loquita. So, I created this little story about the SG-1 team watching the movie.

Jack: “Apparently it’s the fift anniversary of the premiere of the movie ‘Stargate: Continuum’ today. That’s why I invited you all to my house.”

Cameron: “I can’t believe they made a movie out of this story. They claim it’s real but I don’t remember a thing.”

Sam: “Of course you wouldn’t remember it, since we apparently set the timeline right again and so nothing of it ever actually happened.”

 photo Continuum02.jpg

 photo Continuum03.jpg

 photo Continuum04.jpg

 photo Continuum05.jpg

Jack: “The guy that plays me - am I really that grey?”

Sam: “I don’t mind, I liked him as MacGyver, and he does indeed look like you, Jack.”

 photo Continuum07.jpg

Daniel: “Shut up and let’s watch the movie. Jack, why do you have so many remotes? And none of them seem to work.”

 photo Continuum06.jpg

 photo Continuum08.jpg

Teal’c: “It appears that you are holding a GDO, DanielJackson.”

Everyone: “Hahahahaha!”

 photo Continuum09.jpg

 photo Continuum10.jpg

 photo Continuum11.jpg

 photo Continuum12.jpg

This is the first daughter of Jack and Sam.

 photo Continuum13.jpg

She likes to throw her Teddy to the floor.

 photo Continuum14.jpg

Teal’c: “Here’s your Teddy, little lady!”

 photo Continuum15.jpg

Vala: “I think the actress playing me is quite hot!”

Cam: “I agree!”

 photo Continuum16.jpg

And a good time was had by all.

 photo Continuum17.jpg

 photo Continuum01.jpg

My other "Stargate" action figure theatre can be found here:

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