Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Pictures of the past: Don S. Davis and me in 2003

So for all of you who wanted to see more of my encounters with stars, I'll start right at the beginning. My first convention ever had been in 2002 in Ludwigshafen, but back then I did not want to chuck out the money for any pictures, so I have no picture memories of this year. Even one year later I took only one picture, with Don S. Davis aka General George Hammond of the SGC. The con was called "The Fifth Race" and took place in Bensheim. I can tell you I travelled all over Germany for my Stargate conventions! It usually meant 5-6 hours by train, as they all took place in the Western part of Germany.

We were about 50 people from our German forum, all staying in the same hotel and with shirts and our nickname on it, and we also took a group picture with all the actors.

Don S. Davis died in 2008 so this was my first and last time meeting him. He called me "dear".

 photo AstraDonSDavis2003600x449.jpg
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