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AFT Doctor Who: The Doctor and I in Saxon Switzerland

Today the Doctor paid me another unannounced visit, and I took the opportunity to show him how beautiful the landscape is just one hour away by train from Dresden. It is called Saxon Switzerland and from the pictures you surely will understand why!

What was funny that at the beginning at the train station, someone saw me doing pics with the Doctor but thought he was Ken (from Barbie). Then we met him and his girl two more times - later the day at the Bastei Bridge, and in the evening in the train back home again. And each time he asked me: "Where's the Ken?"

 photo P8160092.jpg

 photo P8160094.jpg

 photo P8160095.jpg

 photo P8160099.jpg

In the next picture you can see how part of a sandstone mountain has broken off:

 photo P8160103.jpg

The bridge in the background is called Bastei bridge and is one of the main touristic places. When I sat the Doctor there to take a picture, one woman commented how someone had left her doll accidentally there, but another man set her straight saying: "No, it's art!" and, after watching me, took a few pictures of the Doctor himself. Wonder where those might end up LOL

 photo P8160110.jpg

 photo P8160138.jpg

 photo P8160111.jpg

 photo P8160112.jpg

 photo P8160113.jpg

 photo P8160114.jpg

 photo P8160118.jpg

Down in the valley is the River Elbe:

 photo P8160119.jpg

 photo P8160121.jpg

 photo P8160122.jpg

 photo P8160127.jpg

 photo P8160130.jpg

 photo P8160133.jpg

 photo P8160134.jpg

 photo P8160139.jpg

 photo P8160140.jpg

 photo P8160145.jpg

 photo P8160146.jpg

Signs carved into the bark of a tree:

 photo P8160148.jpg

Signs for the different hiking trails:

 photo P8160149.jpg

 photo P8160157.jpg

 photo P8160161.jpg

 photo DSCF7440-1501x600.jpg

 photo P8160125.jpg

Am I not living in a beautiful landscape? I mean, really. Anyone want to come visit? The valley of the River Elbe is also a canyon carved in several hundreds and thousands of years.

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