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Attention Torchwood fans-The "Wicked Awards" Are Accepting Nominations Until September 1st

Originally posted by tardisjournal at Attention Torchwood fans--The "Wicked Awards" Are Accepting Nominations Until September First
If, like me, you've sometimes regretted the fact that this fandom seems to have peaked five years ago in terms of active communities, contests, etc.,  here's a chance to do something about it. Consider nominating your favorite fic(s) for a "No Rest for the Wicked Award"!  Nominated fics will gain wider exposure by being archived on the Wicked Awards site, and you'll make an author's day in the process just by nominating them!

The winners are chosen by a fair and impartial judging panel (thereby eliminating the "popularity contest" trap some internet contests fall prey to) and Torchwood writers like aviv_b, lindenharp, evalentine99 and *cough* myself have won in the past, proving that our little fandom can take on the big boys like "Star Trek" and "Supernatural" and WIN. :)  The Awards also accepts fics for "Doctor Who", "Stargate", "Firefly"/"Serenity", "X-Files", "Buffy", and "Angel", so if your fic-reading tastes are more wide-ranging, go for it. :)

Fics don't have to be new works--anything that hasn't already won is eligible. You can even nominate your own fics, as self-noms are encouraged. For more information, see the site: Wicked Awards.
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