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Pictures of the past: Peter Williams and I in 2003

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Another one from the German City Con in 2003 - Peter Williams. I have a funny story to tell about him. I went to his autograph table to get something signed. After he finished, he said to me: "Lass es trocknen!" I said "Yeah" and walked on to the next actor. Took me five minutes to realize - that he hadn't spoken in English, but in perfect German. It came out so naturally (it means: "Let it dry" btw.).

The next year when I saw him again I mentioned this to him and then all weekend long whenever he saw me, he called loudly: "Lass es trocknen!" Funny guy ;)

Peter Williams played the Systemloard Apophis in "Stargate" but I can confirm he is a nice guy:

 photo AstraPeterWilliams2003600x424.jpg
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