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Result of a hard day's work

Today I asked my father to drive me to IKEA. There I purchased two glass vitrines named "Detolf" and then we spent the rest of the afternoon assembling them. I never had built anything from IKEA before and thought it was an experience that I should not miss ;) I am quite happy about the result. Have a few pictures!

On top I put a dry plant pot and the moose next to it is actually a lamp, it can be lit.

 photo P9280008.jpg

This is the expensive Eleventh Doctor from Big Chief and the not so expensive Tenth Doctor which is just a toy and travels with me everywhere, they are waiting for the expensive Tenth Doctor from Big Chief to arrive.

 photo P9280011.jpg

And this is President Obama which I bought back in 2009 to mark the incredible fact that he was visiting my home-city Dresden. An US president in our city, that has never happened before and probably never will again. I had my five minutes of fame with this figure, as I was interviewed for both TV news and newspapers. Check out my "Obama in Dresden" tag!

 photo P9280012.jpg

The next shelf is still empty, I intend to put my (also expensive from Big Chief) Sherlock and John figure there once they arrive. I just need to order them first yet. And make it through when thousands of others have the same idea. Small details.

The down shelves were filled with some plushies who did not have a nice place to stay at before. So it certainly looks more tidy now. This is only a small collection, I have many more monkeys and cows on a shelf in my bedroom. There should be some pictures of that around here as well. Probably under the "cows" tag ;)

The moose on the right side has a battery and sings "I feel good" and waves their antlers. Seriously:

 photo P9280015.jpg

The moose at the left also sings a song ("Shout"), and at right we have a Jack O'Neill teddy and then a rattle snake which can rattle indeed:

 photo P9280014.jpg

The cow on the left walks and plays a funky melody, but doesn't sing:

 photo P9280017.jpg

And this is the crazy cow with BSE (mad cow disease) which shakes and goes "moo-ha-ha-ha". If you click at the right button here at this link then you can listen to it:

 photo P9280018.jpg

 photo P9280001.jpg

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