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AFT Doctor Who: The Doctors at the 50th anniversary special

So yesterday was the big day, and of course my Doctors wanted to come to the cinema as well to see their show on the big screen. I had to smuggle them in in my bag, as I hadn't bought a ticket for them. Then again, I probably could have, as old as they are, they could have gotten pensioner's discount. Anyway, here are some pictures of our journey to Chemnitz!

I already started to regret taking them before we even had taken off. They were fighting for the best seat in the car like children.

Eleven: "Adi, stop making yourself bigger than you actually are! Some of us also want some space here!"

 photo PB230001-1.jpg

Ten: "Stop tickling me all the time, Astra!"

Astra: "Just trying to help!"

 photo PB230003-1.jpg

Finally the dispute was settled and we could start. Didn't take long though before there was whining from the back seat.

Eleven: "Are we there yet? How much longer?"

Ten: "Should have taken the TARDIS, that would have been quicker. Could you get a move on, I desperatedly need to pee!"

Astra: "You should have gone before we started, what are you, Five?!?"

 photo PB230006-1.jpg

Finally we arrived in Chemnitz, and while searching for the cinema, we came about some of the sights of this city. This is one very famous thing, the head of Karl Marx. It's bigger on the outside. The monument also says "Workers of the world, unite!" in several languages. Why they put it actually into Chemnitz is unknown, because Karl Marx never has once set foot into this city. But the people living there have adopted it as their own now, and you can buy it in all sorts of shapes, including one made of chocolade. Nom-nom.

 photo PB230010-1.jpg

Eleven: "Oh no, it's the tickely-tickly hand again!"

 photo PB230021.jpg

Ten: "Look behind you, could we use this TARDIS to escape it?"

 photo PB230023.jpg

Eleven: "Nope, this is just a stone relievi, stupid!"

Ten: "So, what's this then?"

 photo PB230024.jpg

Astra: "This, if you must know, is the Stone Wood. Those are real trees which are millions and billions of years old and were fossilized. They are pretty famous and unique."

Eleven: "Boring! Can we take a picture in front of it?"

 photo PB230028.jpg

Astra: "Let me try some camera settings to get the best light of both you and the wood."

Eleven: "Let's sit down while she does that."

Astra: *exasperated sigh*

 photo PB230044.jpg

Finally we made it to the cinema and settled in our seats. But if I thought now they would be quiet, I needed to think again.

Eleven: "When is it finally going to start, I am running out of Popcorn here!"

Ten: "Didn't you hear what Strax just said? Popcorn can feel pain!"

Eleven: *bites into his Popcorn and makes crunchy noises* "Whoodidyajustsay?"

Ten: "We forgot our 3-D-glasses. Can you go and get us some Astra?"

 photo PB230071.jpg

After that the movie finally started, and it was phantastic. But you probably know that, as you have seen it yourself. Yesterday we did history, people, we got the Guiness Book award for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama, following a global campaign from BBC Worldwide that saw "The Day of the Doctor" broadcast in 94 countries across 6 continents.

Looking forward to the 100th special in 12-D. I will be 90 at the time, so it is possible.

Disclaimer: None of those dialogues did actually happen. They are dolls after all, they cannot talk. Ow! Stop hitting me, Eleven! And you Ten, stop sulking! I promise you won't have to wear the rain coats ever again!

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