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Fanfiction: Arrow/Torchwood crossover "The Lives and Deaths of Malcolm Merlyn" Chapter 5/5

Title: The Lives and Deaths of Malcolm Merlyn
Author: dieastra
Beta: Many thanks again to tardisjournal
Rating: T
Characters: Malcolm Merlyn (Patrick Logan/Desperate Housewives), Angie Bolen
Word Count: 1.276
Spoilers: Set after the finale of season 1 of "Arrow", spoilers for "Torchwood" including season 4

Summary: How could Malcolm Merlyn survive that last fight with Oliver? Because he’s actually the immortal Jack Harkness. Now Malcolm thinks about the mess that is his life. Memories of the past arise – good and bad ones. This chapter brings it all to an end and shows a way into the future.

Notes: Others have done “Malcolm used to be Jack” before and while reading their works I got inspired to try my hand at it

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Chapter 5

Sadly, with him being occupied with all these events, he had totally lost contact with Tommy. They weren’t having a father/son relationship anymore; they didn’t actually have any relationship. Malcolm paid for all his expensive schools but there always seemed to be a wall between them. They were not able to exchange more than a few words before starting to yell at each other.

Malcolm was heartbroken that Tommy did not even come to him after Oliver and his father had died on their ship tour. Malcolm had had his reasons for wanting Robert dead and setting the bomb, but he had not planned to kill Oliver as well. He and Tommy always had been best friends, growing up together, and he felt like a son to Malcolm as well.

He had longed to take Tommy into his arms, in a close hug, and tell him it was okay to cry and maybe even shed a tear or two himself, but Tommy had gone to Laurel instead for help. Another chance that could have brought father and son closer together again had gone by.

Then a year ago Oliver had suddenly turned up again, having survived for five years on an island before he was rescued. About the same time, another archer turned up in Starling City as well. Malcolm still chided himself for not having made the connection between those two things earlier. Only yesterday he had found out the truth after a hand-to-hand battle with the man that was named “The Vigilante” or “The Hood” by the press. The man that had, in fact, been Oliver Queen all the time. That had been quite a surprise, Malcolm had to admit. Yet it could not make him abandon his goal and if Oliver had to die for accomplishing the Undertaking, then so be it.

And now Tommy is dead instead. His only son. Wait – there is another son. He should be about seventeen by now. The result of one of his many travels when he could not stand being Malcolm anymore and didn't want to think about Rebecca for a while. He used to be Patrick back then. Amazing what a wig could do to change your personality. He had fit right in with the group of students, one of which had caught his particular interest. He had just wanted to be loved for who he was, rather than the famous name or all the money. It had felt good, being someone else for a while.


Angie had been young and enthusiastic and had plans to change the world, like all young people do. With her friends, she had had many discussions about not just sitting back but doing something instead. Some had wanted to join Greenpeace but others felt that just protesting was not enough.

Malcolm suddenly saw the opportunity to get rid of one of his biggest rivals, a company that had refused to be taken over by Merlyn Global Group, that had become too huge to let it grow any further if he didn’t want to hurt his own business.

So he steered the attention of the eco-terrorists towards Miller Enterprises. Like many companies at the time, they didn’t care about the chemicals in their wastewater, which could poison the river and kill all life in it. With that, they played right into his hands.

It didn’t take long for Angie to be absolutely convinced. She built the bomb and set it off herself. Only, it exploded too early, burning her back and killing a man who still was in the building.

Malcolm had watched the events from a distance and helped her escape before they were spotted. He brought her to his little apartment, where he dressed her wound. She was incredibly upset. Her whole face was covered in tears and she was barely able to speak. She said the same words again and again, “Patrick, what have I done? I need to turn myself in. Tomorrow I will go to the police. Oh, Patrick, what have I done?”

And so on and on.

He took her by the shoulders and shook her to get some sense into her. “What’s done is done. You can’t change it!”

“How can you not be shocked by that poor man’s death? I’m responsible for that!”

“Turning yourself in won’t change it. Can’t you see that? And you have to think of the baby. Our son. Do you really want him to start his life with his mother in prison?”

The truth was, of course, that Malcolm always had intended to take his son back home. He’d planned to convince Angie that she was better off not being a single mother. She could go back to college, finish her degree instead.

He couldn’t exactly tell her about his wealth without making her suspicious, but he had given enough hints that she knew he came from a rich family.

Maybe he and Tommy and the little one could become a real family yet. Yeah, a brother for Tommy certainly would be nice. But if Angie went to prison, the baby would be put into some foster home and he would have no chance of adopting it. He had to prevent that from happening.

Her tears slowly subsided. “I’m tired. Let’s talk in the morning.”

He helped getting her undressed, tucked her under the covers, and laid next to her. Finally they fell into an exhausted sleep.

And that had been the last he had seen of her. When he awoke the next morning, she had already left. All he found was a note, which someone apparently had slipped under the door.

“Patrick, I can’t be with you anymore. You are not the man I thought you were. I can’t live like that. I’m with Nick now, he will help me to escape. Turned out he is an undercover FBI agent who was sent to spy on our group. Life is weird, huh? But he is willing to give up his career to help me. He told me a while ago that he loves me but I didn’t want to hurt you. Now that you have shown your true self, nothing can hold me back.

Don’t look for us, you won’t ever find us.


Malcolm fumed but there was nothing he could do. Of course he tried to look for them, but it seemed like they had fallen off the face of the earth. He had no idea where to start his search and finally he had to return back home with empty hands. All he had of his unborn son was an ultrasound picture. Another man would raise the boy as his own and probably never tell him that he wasn’t his real dad.


Yeah, maybe it is time to look for his son. If he finds him, he will try to be a better dad this time. He will learn from his mistakes with Tommy. Not many people get a second chance and he fully intends to use it.

He had enjoyed being Malcolm and having all his power. He faintly remembers the Doctor once saying that with great power also comes great responsibility, but the Doctor had abandoned him long ago. There is no reason to feel loyal to him anymore. And now that the police are after him, Starling City had become a little bit too hot of a place for his liking. Better that he hides his face for a while until things settle down again.

Patrick Logan. That name rolls off his tongue rather easily. It sounds nice actually.

Patrick Logan.

A new life ahead.

The End

End Notes: Last week episode 7 of season 2 aired and and some of the speculations I did in this fic are now canon. Imagine my surprise!

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