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Action figure theatre by my friend Paya

Tody I want to introduce some more of my friend Paya's work. I already had a first installment of this here: And also when our Stargate figures travelled to Vancouver, while we did the pictures together, she did all the hard work to put it into a story, which I linked to here:

Today I show you the first own story she made, after finding a model BMW bike, the same that Richard Dean Anderson drives. Only problem was, little Jack had yet to assemble it. So this story came out of it and I love it very much. Many of the small details you see in the background she has made herself.

Garage series part 1/9

Garage series part 2/9

Garage series part 3/9

Garage series part 4/9

Garage series part 5/9

Garage series part 6/9

Garage series part 7/9

Garage series part 8/9

Garage series part 9/9

Promo shots

Behind the scenes 1

Behind the scenes 2

She also takes wonderful pictures in the nature, of her Jack skiing or riding the bike. I will show them another time. Those pictures are really worth clicking, you won't be disappointed!

 photo Garweb_1001.jpg

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