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AFT JB: What happened after John got home

In case you haven't seen it yet, John has tweeted a picture of himself and our panto advent calendar today!

If you want to know more about it and see my contribution, read yesterday's post

Here is what happened after he got home ;)

"Look Scott what I got at the stage door from fans today."

 photo Cubes01.jpg

"Nice! But give us a kiss first."

 photo Cubes02.jpg

"Oh no, what now!"

 photo Cubes03.jpg

"We'll never get this together again."

 photo Cubes04.jpg

"If you keep getting gifts like this, we need to buy another house."

 photo Cubes05.jpg

"Look my tower is bigger than yours!"

 photo Cubes06.jpg

"Okay, I help you reassembling them."

 photo Cubes07.jpg

"But I gonna need the cubes from your tower, otherwise I'll never get this finished!"

 photo Cubes08.jpg

"Thank you for helping me Scott. What's this?"
"I think those are supposed to be our Vancouver adventures. And when we were singing together."
c) original artwork by Antje

 photo Cubes09.jpg

"What's that though?"
"That's me as Jack Harkness and Malcolm Merlyn. You really need to watch 'Arrow' one day."
c) original artwork by Sanna

 photo Cubes10.jpg

"I like this one - me and all the doggies!"
c) original artwork by Mickie

 photo Cubes11.jpg

"Oh and look at all those panto pictures!"
c) original artwork by Audrey

 photo Cubes12.jpg

"Aw, a Scottish Christmas, how nice!"
c) original artwork by Bettina

 photo Cubes13.jpg

"And that's the map with the locations of all the fans that participated. Let's open all the gifts at once to see what's inside!"
"No, John, you promised to only open one at a time. Don't cheat!"
"Aw, man!"
c) original artwork by Bettina

 photo Cubes14.jpg

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