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Picspam: Dresden Christmas Market (Striezelmarkt)

Today I visited the Striezelmarkt. Striezel is another word for the Dresden Stollen (Christmas bread) which we are very famous for. Our Christmas market is the oldest in Germany, number 579 already. This week we won the second place in competition with all European Christmas markets!

This is the entry, it's a huge candle arch:

 photo PC180001.jpg

This is one of many, many stalls which sell wooden figures from the Erzgebirge. It's an area in Saxony where mining was done in former centuries, and in the wintertime the people there carved wooden figures. To see some of them close-up, just look at the Christmas decorations in my apartment

 photo PC180002.jpg

This house is also nicely decorated:

 photo PC180003.jpg

One of those old-fashioned two story high carousels:

 photo PC180010.jpg

Our huge Christmas tree! After last years didn't turn out so well, this time people could vote for their favourite:

 photo PC180016.jpg

Another very nice stall from Lauscha in Thuringia, selling all kind of glass figures:

 photo PC180017.jpg

 photo PC180018.jpg

The roofs of the stalls are all nicely decorated:

 photo PC180021.jpg

 photo PC180022.jpg

Remember the huge candle arch from the beginning? You can actually go up there, to get an overview:

 photo PC180024.jpg

 photo PC180025.jpg

And of course it's also decorated with typical wooden figures, just a bit bigger than usual:

 photo PC180027.jpg

 photo PC180030.jpg

These stars are very typical and famous, they come from Herrnhut and last year even one of the famous big London warehouses (which always do a contest who decorates the best) used them:

 photo PC180032.jpg

Another stall with wooden figures - told you there are many of those:

 photo PC180033.jpg

 photo PC180034.jpg

And this is what I ate - it's called "Tornado potatoe":

 photo PC180042.jpg

We also have a huge Christmas pyramid:

 photo PC180036.jpg

 photo PC180031.jpg

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