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Glasgow, Friday, 03.01.2014, evening

Glasgow, Thursday, 02.01.2014, day under this link

Glasgow, Thursday, 02.01.2014, evening under this link

On Friday, we did not have any show, but I skipped the repeat of "Sherlock" in TV and went to the stage door anyway, as I had promised a friend to bring her a signed flyer. The past evening, someone had asked where Scott was. He was sitting in a car at the side, waiting for John. John sent someone to bring him over and allowed us to take pictures of the two for a short time. But he also said that we should step back, as he doesn't like big crowds. This is the picture my friend took at that evening:

 photo P1010271-2600x443.jpg

On Friday someone asked if we actually could make a picture with him. John said she should go over and ask him himself, he might say yes. So that's what she did, and I wanted to take the opportunity as well. We were only about four or five people, and behind the car, where it was a bit more quiet. This wonderful picture was taken by momo_uli , thank you so much!

Edit: Apparently there was a bit of misunderstanding, so I hope this comment by S. clears up what actually happened: "Okay, I have to make things clear: THIS.IS.NOT.WHAT.HAPPENED!!! I want you to change it!!! It was me, the one John sent over and it WASN'T for a pic in the first place! I asked for a signature of Scott, after JB showed his husband (who was waiting inside the car!) my drawing and he obvioulsy liked it for some reason! He handed it back to me and then I asked, if Scott could sign my drawing!!! First he said no, then he changed his mind and told ONLY me, that I could go and asked him. I refused, because it was HOLY GROUND not to approach Scott (private person), but he pushed me into Scott's direction, I walked past security, they let me and asked Scott simply for his signature on my drawing! My friend then followed me and made the suggestion of making a picture and he was so nice to have it taken with me and her! (Which I don't showcase on my timeline for said reasons!!!) People then came and asked Scott for having a picture taken with him as well, seen that from far away, since I left immidiatly after a quick chat! Scott didn't mind, but it was NO INVITATION from JB for everyone else. And Scott is a nice guy, thats all. I AM WRITING THIS JUST TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR!!! (Others already said, I went over only to approach him, which simply isn't true, JB told me so and even directed me to the car and others witnessed it very closely!!!)"

 photo AstraampScott-Momo600x337.jpg

It came as such a surprise that I totally forgot that I always wanted to tell Scott (who is an architect) that I am in the building business myself and drawing houses and bridges in an engineer's office. But all I managed when I was standing next to him was "Thank you, this is so nice of you." And he IS nice, to share his husband so much with us.

Momo is btw the one that gave them the chocolate planes, remember the picture John tweeted?

 photo 1470073_712432978767127_715032896_n450x600.jpg

Scott loves planes and recently became a pilot himself, and he was very happy about it and said that they both love chocolate.
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