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My Christmas gifts 2013

I didn't have a chance yet to show you all the awesome Christmas gifts I got, what with me being away. So here they come, albeit a little late. Enjoy!

No Christmas without cows! This one is from my grandma:

 photo P1180002.jpg

Another cutie:

 photo P1180003.jpg

A cup with a cow because I actually don't have any of those yet :p

 photo P1180028.jpg

A cow kitchen timer:

 photo P1180029.jpg

Not a cow but a cat (since my nickname is cat in my family):
This one is an air humidifier. You put water into it and then hang it at the heater.

 photo P1180024.jpg

Remember when the Doctor and I were in Saxon Switzerland? They sold these wonderful displays and I asked my brother to buy one for me. Well, that was in Summer, and I already had forgotten about it. So this was a nice suprise:

 photo P1180026.jpg

I also got another item for my miniature kitchen. I already have the vacuum cleaner , washing machine and the dishwasher All do have lights and sound. So cool!

This year I got the microwave.

 photo P1180018.jpg

It does not make any sound but when you open it, there is food inside:

 photo P1180020.jpg

This awesome box is from my brother:

 photo P1180014.jpg

Inside was a box with which you can make miniature hamburgers:

 photo P1180017.jpg

Last year I attempted to bake cookies but did not have a rolling pin. So Santa Clause brought me one:

 photo P1180022.jpg

He also listened when I said I need a new thermometer for my window:

 photo P1180012.jpg

A calendar from my parents which promises cows at the front:

 photo P1180041.jpg

But this is actually cheating because it's all kind of (although cute) farm animals:

 photo P1180043.jpg

A calendar from my brother with "Shaun the sheep"!

 photo P1180037.jpg

This one is amazing, as you have the calendar dates in the middle, but can choose which pictures you want at the side. So if you don't like this one:

 photo P1180038.jpg

You change it to another one:

 photo P1180039.jpg

It's called "Mix your pix" and is awesome!

 photo P1180048.jpg

Another calendar with funny pictures about the libra. No idea what to do with all those calendars! (since at work I also have my John Barrowman calendar, heh!)

 photo P1180013.jpg

These are small towels for guests:

 photo P1180008.jpg

A cool cardboard pencil box looking like a red double decker bus:

 photo P1180047.jpg

Some stickers which I always can use for my photoalbums:

 photo P1180033.jpg

A little photo camera which does a flash and sound:

 photo P1180025.jpg

A book with Christmas tales and songs:

 photo P1180031.jpg

A very nice chopping board with the skyline of New York:

 photo P1180034.jpg

 photo P1180054.jpg

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