Antje (dieastra) wrote,

I got printed!

I got printed! For the second time even. Each year our local newspaper asks for Christmas stories for the Christmas special edition. A few years ago I already rewrote one of my fanfictions, and now I did it again. I had to shorten it considerably as they only allow one page of text max. You can read the original fanfiction in English here: Which present should I buy for her?

It's the one where Rhys ponders which gift to buy for Gwen. I put the titles of many Christmas songs into the text, so it is also a riddle, see if you can find them all! It just occured to me that I never uploaded the German version to my LJ, you will have to wait for next Christmas for that to happen now.

And here is the story in our newspaper. They even put a nice matching pic in it! I am hiding it behind the LJ cut:

 photo Story2.jpg
Tags: christmas, fic

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