Antje (dieastra) wrote,

The Doctor is in Birmingham

Doing sightseeing right now! By accident I bumped into him. Apparently he is here to see Sherlock. Who would've thought?
So, we had a fun day together. Click the LJ link for some pictures!

First he enjoyed the canals. It is said that Birmingham has more canals than Venice:

 photo Birmingham1.jpg

 photo Birmingham2.jpg

Then he had a break at the ICC (International Convention Centre which also includes the Philharmony) and marvelled at the architecture:

 photo Birmingham3.jpg

 photo Birmingham4.jpg

The library is also an interesting building:

 photo Birmingham5.jpg


 photo Birmingham6.jpg

and inside:

 photo Birmingham7.jpg

When the Doctor was enjoying the view at the Town Hall:

 photo Birmingham8.jpg

He suddenly got attacked by a guy long dead:

 photo Birmingham9.jpg

His name is Thomas Attwodd and he was Birmingham's first MP:

 photo Birmingham10THOMASATTWOOD-BirminghamsfirstMP.jpg

He fought for Full Employment and Free Trade:

 photo Birmingham11.jpg

And also Votes for All:

 photo Birmingham12.jpg

The two of them had a nice chat:

 photo Birmingham13.jpg

But then the Doctor wanted to go shopping! So we went to the famous Bullring Centre:

 photo Birmingham14.jpg
Tags: action figures - doctor who, birmingham

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