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Picspam: Cosplays at Starfury "Elementary" convention ("Sherlock") in Birmingham

The Starfury "Elementary" convention which actually was a "Sherlock" Convention was a wonderful opportunity to have a look at the creativity of fans. The first evening also the "Cycling Awards" ceremony took place at the hotel, and we saw lots of women in long gowns and men in tuxes and also Scotsmen in kilts. I'm not sure what those thought of all the people in deerstalker hats!

Sadly I did not take a pic of any deerstalker, but there were many. What I did find was Moriarty! Please click the LJ cut to see all the pictures:

 photo P2080138.jpg

 photo P2080139.jpg

Apparently there also was another Moriarty which I never saw, but here is a picture of him:

There also were a lovely John and Sherlock in their wedding tuxes:

 photo P2080141.jpg

On Saturday evening, we were in the bar when suddenly a loud scream could be heard. What was this hassle all about? Apparently Mary in a bride's dress and her bridesmaid had arrived, and judging from the reaction it was not planned!

 photo P2080157.jpg

 photo P2080156.jpg

I also took a picture of the paparazzi taking pictures:

 photo P2080154.jpg

Here is another pic of them actually from the front:

And here is a very nice picture they made:

 photo BgCP-HRIQAAdqxV.jpg

The source and credit for this is here:

There was also a real Sherlock Holmes, the old fashioned way:

 photo P2080143.jpg

 photo P2080142.jpg

There were some Molly Hoopers in white lab coats but I never got any of them standing still for long enough to photograph them. Always busy, our Molly!
There were also several Irene Adlers. This one I did not see:

 photo Bf_QFN2IMAAmJm5.jpg

Original source and credit for the picture is here:

I think this might be an Irene Adler as well though? Or am I wrong in this?

 photo P2090162.jpg

And another Irene:

 photo P2090161.jpg
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