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More action figure theatre by my friend Paya

Following from my last post about Action figure theatre by Paya I'd like to show you some more of her work. Scroll down at each link, as often there is more than one picture in her entry.

Here is Jack and his bike on a bike magazine:
Bike magazine

And here he goes for his first test ride:
Test ride

Easy Rider - she made those sun glasses herself:
Easy Rider

She also made Jack some clothes:

A little Sam and Jack for Valentine's Day:
Valentine's Day

And Jack was modelling for a fashion catalogue:
Fashion Catalogue1

Fashion Catalogue2

As you can see, her work is much different from mine, very artsy with some of those pictures. I love it. Next time I show you the winter adventure, she made him little skis and everything. It looks absolutely beautiful. Stay tuned!

 photo Wa1_800_000.jpg
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