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Support White Collar Season 6 - Let's Make It Trend!

Originally posted by elrhiarhodan at Support White Collar Season 6 - Let's Make It Trend!
Hey collars!

Tired of waiting for news about the renewal of our favorite show? Let's make some noise and tell whoever is dragging their feet that we mean business!

The idea is to make #whitecollarforS6 trending on Twitter next Monday. So, go to Twitter Feb. 24 around noon EST (do the math if you're in another time zone) and tweet (then tweet, and tweet again) #whitecollarforS6.

You might want to include @WhiteCollarUSA @USA_Network @USA_PR @FOXTV @ASepiol @TedonTV to make sure they get the message.

Feel free to repost on your LJ to pass on the message!

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