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John Barrowman fans in the USA needed

You are out there somewhere right? Please forgive me, I know I have posted about this before but there are only two weeks left till I will be in the studio to see John Barrowman record his new CD, and apparently he is still waiting for the fans in the USA to join into the pledging. Apparently it were those fans that suggested he does it this way in the first place.

It is possible there is a misunderstanding. Many think they have to wait for such special events like the afternoon teas or the studio sessions to pledge. But every single Dollar counts. If you want to buy the CD anyway, just pay it now and get it delivered to your doorstep once it is made.

The Pledge Page is here, you click on the link "New album on CD" in the upper right corner and follow the steps through till it tells you that they received your payment. There is also a download available, signed pictures, a t-shirt and other stuff.

And don't let it bother you that the page says the target has reached 249% already! That's another misunderstanding. This does not show the real sum needed. John says he has two thirds so far, and if he doesn't reach his goal, he needs to cut down on tracks on the CD, which would be a shame. He is so excited about this all, I don't want to let him down!

So please, go pledging, and especially share the link wherever you can! Is it possible people in the US only know John from "Torchwood" or "Arrow" but not from his singing? Get the message out! Let's make this CD together! On the link above, you will also find several videos by John, where he thanks for the the pledges so far or explains about it all. He also has released a video that shows the first track:
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