Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT: Torchwood in the Rain

Even heroes have to carry umbrellas sometimes while catching aliens.

Jack: "You! Stay away from her!"

 photo Rain1.jpg

The little girl is frozen by fear.

 photo Rain2.jpg

Jack is wet. And pissed.

 photo Rain3.jpg

"I said, stay away from her!" Jack and Gwen still can shoot with the other hand.

 photo Rain4.jpg

The Weevil does not carry an umbrella though.

 photo Rain5.jpg

Their wet backsides - I used a spray bottle on them ;)

 photo Rain6.jpg

Go watch the prequel to this story as well! Torchwood in the Rain - the Prequel! or: How Jack and Gwen bickered about the umbrellas

And another sequel: Torchwood and the Spike worm

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