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AFT: Torchwood in the Rain - the Prequel! or: How Jack and Gwen bickered about the umbrellas

After the wonderful comment from sallycandance to my Torchwood in the Rain story yesterday, I just had to take it and run with it. Many thanks! Keep the comments coming everyone, they are highly inspiring!

So, how exactly did Gwen end up with that pink umbrella? Find out by clicking the LJ cut!

A lazy Sunday at Torchwood:

 photo P01.jpg

Gwen takes a seat at the couch and eyes the donuts, while listening to Tosh and Owen absently:

 photo P02.jpg

Apparently they have caught some aliens from the planet Tsxywscrlthr or something:

 photo P03.jpg

Jack and Ianto join the party as well. Jack asks:

"Owen and Tosh, can you deal with the Tsxywscrlthrians on your own, Gwen and I have a Weevil to catch! Ianto - do we have any umbrellas? It's chucking it down today."

 photo P04.jpg

Ianto: "After you used your last umbrella as a sword to kill some aliens, we only have these two left I'm afraid. Sir."

 photo P05.jpg

Gwen: "You gotta be kidding me."

 photo P06.jpg

Jack: "Thanks, Ianto, this one will do nicely!"

Gwen: "You gotta be KIDDING ME!!!"

 photo P07.jpg

Jack: "Come on, Gwen, Weevils to catch!"

 photo P08.jpg

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