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Twenty years ago...

I watched TV those past hours, and saw the Berlin Wall fall again. Big blocks which had been painted by young people from all over Germany and also many other countries, one even by Nelson Mandela himself. They fell like dominos at the end of many politican's speeches.

I think it is funny that I can watch CNN to see what is happening in my own capital. We even got a video speech by Mr. President. Did any of you also watch that?

I also saw the wall project in Los Angeles - didn't know they have a "Wende Museum"! Then there was the wall made of ice blocks in London, which destroyed itself by simply thawing. Awesome.

So, twenty years ago - I think I already was asleep when the world changed. Only found out the other day. I just wanted to say - without this event I would not be here. I would not know any of you, and wouldn't have travelled to Vancouver or England to meet Richard Dean Anderson. I probably wouldn't even know who he was, since our TV did not show American series.

So, I am very thankful that I can do all that. But it is also true that there still is a long way ahead of us. Not all dreams of that night were fulfilled, and some had to learn the hard way what capitalism means. It is two different things, hearing about it in school or living it. And I cannot understand why the people shall suffer because somebody likes to play Monopoly in real life. Seems not right to me.

And I have the feeling, with the crisis at the moment, that the world might be changing again. That people realize we can't go on like this. I think we should remind ourselves, what is really important in life, and that is not only money, money and more money. It's not forbidden to dream about a better life for all people on the world, is it?

To my friend list: Do you have any special memory of that day you want to share?
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