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AFT: Torchwood and the Spike Worm

This story follows Torchwood in the Rain and also The Prequel! or: How Jack and Gwen bickered about the umbrellas and got inspired by bloodsong13t who wrote this comment: ...makes me think of the scene from 'men in black. In the scene, will smith's character is being given a shooting range test at the alien hunter place. it's set up like a mock city street at night, and all these alien/monster creatures are popping up everywhere, and then in the middle, pops up this innocent-looking little girl... he was about to shoot the monsters, but then he hesitates, and finally shoots the kid.

then he explains that the scary-looking aliens were just chilling and hanging out. but the little girl was walking down a city street in the middle of the night, and she was holding a nuclear physics book or something, so she MUST be the dangerous alien in disguise!

So, if you want to see who is here the alien and who the innocent creature, click the LJ cut to show all the pictures! The story is also for keyjahn who rather wanted to see Jack and Ianto Weevil-hunting. Sorry, it did not go exactly as planned...

Jack: "Again this little girl is in trouble. Hey, Spikey, leave her alone or I'll shoot!"

 photo Spike01.jpg

Spikey: "Um, what?!?"

 photo Spike02.jpg

Spikey: "I have no idea what you are talking about!"

 photo Spike03.jpg

Unfortunately, Jack doesn't speak Spikey's language. "Ianto, help me getting her away from him!"

 photo Spike04.jpg

Jack: "There, I have you. You are safe now."

 photo Spike05.jpg

Jack: "Ianto, are you okay?"

 photo Spike06.jpg

Ianto: "Just peachy!"

 photo Spike07.jpg

But then...

 photo Spike08.jpg

What happened?

 photo Spike09.jpg

Ianto: "Noooooo! Jack!"

 photo Spike10.jpg

Tosh: "Nobody hurts Jack, and certainly not you!"

 photo Spike11.jpg

Jack awakes in Ianto's arms. "What happened?"
Tosh: "She was a shapeshifter, nasty things. Have you not watched 'Men in Black'? Did you not ask what a little girl is doing alone in the forest?"

 photo Spike12.jpg

Jack, Ianto: "How did you even come here? We have the SUV."

 photo Spike13.jpg

Tosh: "Why, on my cool bike of course!"

 photo Spike14.jpg

And the Spike worm? It thinks: "These are weird people. I shall go hide myself."

 photo Spike15.jpg

PS: The new alien featuring in this story got bought just a few days ago at Hamleys in London.

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