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Paya's action figure theatre - Winter adventure 1 & 2

Much to my surprise, the Richard Dean Anderson forum has survived the changes it had to undergo, and the links to Paya's action figure stories are not (yet) lost. So here especially for sgamadison and everyone else enjoying them, is a bit more of my friend's Paya's excellent work. Previous posts were here:

Action figure theatre by Paya

More Action figure theatre by Paya

Since the forum is still a bit wonky, if you get an error after clicking on a link, just click the same link again, usually it works the second time around. Paya posts always in several messages, I give links to every single one, but you also can basically just scroll down the pages to see all the pictures.

Winter Adventure 1 (Jack and his bike in Winter time)

part 1

It all begun with me wanting to take a couple of photos for the fashion catalogue. Jack didn't seem to be overly keen on doing it, nevertheless he was kind enough to oblige when I asked him to do so.

 photo One-day-with-Jack_1000.jpg

Now, who could resist this? So we went. And it became a great trip.

 photo Wa1_800_000.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_01.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_02.jpg

part 2

 photo Wa1_800_04.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_06.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_07.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_08.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_09.jpg

Whatcha got there?

 photo Wa1_800_10.jpg

An ice cave.

 photo Wa1_800_11.jpg

part 3

Let's move on. Another amazing scenery is waiting for us.

 photo Wa1_800_12.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_13.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_14.jpg

 photo Wa1_800_15.jpg

Now, this is wrong. On so many levels.

 photo Wa1_800_16.jpg

part 4

Ice. Nice.

 photo Wa1_800_17.jpg


 photo Wa1_800_18.jpg


 photo Wa1_800_19.jpg

It's not a popsicle.

 photo Wa1_800_20.jpg

I know.

 photo Wa1_800_21.jpg

It was getting dark before we got back home, but we made another stop to watch...

 photo Wa1_800_22.jpg

...this wonderful Moon that was shining down on our path.

 photo Wa1_800_23.jpg

part 5

And in the end, I had enough material for the catalogue after all. ;)

 photo JON_Wa1_01.jpg

 photo JON_Wa1_02.jpg

 photo JON_Wa1_03.jpg

 photo JON_Wa1_04.jpg

Winter Adventure 2 (And then she made skis for him)

part 1

As an avid skier, I usually spend my winter holidays high up in the mountains. This season was quite exceptional, since I had a special companion with me: the one and only Jack O'Neill. I was allowed to follow his extraordinary skiing adventures, riding deep into beautiful snowy wilderness - a true privilege of a photographer. Thanks to this opportunity, I can now present a collection of rare photographs to you.

 photo Wall_WA_Ski_01.jpg

The weather mostly was a challenge this year, with a lot of rain, snow, wind and low visibility. Fortunately, there also were a few sunny spells, of which we took a full advantage. After two rainy and cloudy days, the Sun showed its nice face - a clear sign for us to go across the local ridges and valleys, and explore the whole area properly.

 photo Ski1001.jpg

Jack was eager to try his new skis and I had a hard time to control his enthusiasm. He would just go down no matter what terrain was ahead.

 photo Ski1002.jpg

A behind-the-scene note: when taking this peaceful looking photo, I sank through a layer of snow up to my waist and had a pretty hard time to dig myself out. Just one of many escapades the photographer undergoes for documenting the little guy's outdoor trips.

 photo Ski1003.jpg

In the afternoon, we reached the other end of the skiing area and looked for a nice place where we could take a short rest.

 photo Ski1004.jpg

part 2

Right, here it is. Jack stopped and started to construct something.

 photo Ski1006.jpg

 photo Ski1005.jpg

Well, the guy certainly knows how to make himself comfortable.

 photo Ski1007.jpg

- You got enough sun cream?
- Nah. Don't worry.
- All right. We'll see whose face is more sunburnt in the evening, pal.

 photo Ski1008.jpg

- Wanna snack?
- Yep.

 photo Ski1009.jpg

- Thanks.

 photo Ski1010.jpg

part 3

After the refreshment, Jack became a bit itchy. He was hanging around, trying to find something he could play with. For some reason, he got fascinated with my ski pants...

 photo Ski1011.jpg

- Jack, it's not a replicator. Don't even think about shooting at it!

 photo Ski1012.jpg

Then he found another comfortable spot.

 photo Ski1013.jpg

At least he kept his shenanigans at bay so I let him be.

 photo Ski1014.jpg

part 4

It was such a nice place that I forgot to check the time. When I finally looked at my watch, I went like "OMG".
Jack seemed to be undisturbed and utterly relaxed.

 photo Ski1015.jpg

- Jack let's go, we have to hurry, so we manage to get back.

 photo Ski1016.jpg

- But we haven't tried that farthest piste over there yet.
- It's late. We have a couple of valleys to cross and if we don't do it before they close the lifts...
- Okay, I get it.

 photo Ski1017.jpg

We packed quickly and were ready in a minute. Except for...

- Jack? Get out of my ski!
- *innocent whistling*

 photo Ski1018.jpg

*letting out a breath* We made it, and now we can relax. There is just one run down before us. So we can sit for a while and enjoy the serene, early-evening scenery - like this view at Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps.

 photo Ski1019.jpg

It was a nice trip, more like wandering on skis than anything else. Over the next days, it was going to be more athletic, so stay tuned for the other photographs. ;)
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