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My Arrow figures have arrived

Look what arrived today! I am so excited, I waited for this forever. Click the cut, I took many pictures for you!

 photo P4170015.jpg

Oliver comes with extra hands, if you want him in a fighting pose:

 photo P41700022.jpg

Oliver's bow - he also comes with a bundle of arrows which I put into the holster, as well as two single arrows, one of it he holds in his hands:

 photo P4170009.jpg

Deathstroke's weapons:

 photo P4170008.jpg

You can put the gun into the holster:

 photo P4170019.jpg

And the knife into the other holster:

 photo P4170018.jpg

And the looooong knife into the back holster:

 photo P4170020.jpg

 photo P4170021.jpg

Also the box has a nice background:

 photo P4170014.jpg

Now I need a Malcolm Merlyn. He has to work on that bow yet - and on the suit as well:

 photo P4170022.jpg

Also his size is not optimal:

 photo P4170024.jpg

The crossbow could work though (it's stolen from Wesley from "Buffy")

 photo P4170027.jpg

This is the box from the front and the back:

 photo P4170002.jpg

 photo P4170004.jpg

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