Antje (dieastra) wrote,

My photoalbum of the Californian travel in 1994

20 years ago I took a trip through California which only lasted 7 days. Not much time to see the country but (it was a guided tour) we saw Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Yosemite Nationalpark, San Francisco and then down through Monterey, Carmel, Santa Barbara back to L.A.

All of this time I had this photoalbum and the photos lying around but only now I finally sat down and put it all together. Since the pictures are original real pictures from that time (and kinda bad) I also added in many nice magazine pictures I have collected over the years. So you can compare my photos and professional ones.

Please click the link to see it and listen to my comments in very bad English! I know it is "of" and not "from" but I keep forgetting, because in German those two words are the same. And I am sure some pronouncations are way off, that's what you get when you learn English only by reading fanfictions and make up own pronouncations in your mind.

If anyone wants to correct me on something, also on some facts that might be wrong (I didn't write down any notes before I did this video) feel free so in the comments! That goes especially for analineblue and anyone else living in the area. And now enjoy! In case the embedded link is not working, here is the URL:

Tags: california 1994, picspam, real life

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