Star Trek: Gingerbread House Contest

Which team did best in the gingerbread house contest?

Team 1: Harry & Tom - "The Sugar Palace"

Team 2: Kathryn & Chakotay - "Classic Gingerbread House"

Team 3: B'Elanna & Seven - "Engine and mini house"

Edit: The results of the poll on Facebook, Twitter and Lifejournal:

The winners are by a landslide team 1 Tom & Harry!

Team 1: FB 13 + TW 3 + LJ 2 = 18
Team 2: FB 2 + TW 1 = 3
Team 3: FB 1 + TW 1 = 2 (plus two honorable mentions)






These cups once held white powder to make snow with (by adding water). Just when I wanted to throw them away today I realized I could use the lids as table cloths.


This little house I made as a child for my grandmother. I took it after she'd died. I still love it!



Star Trek: 1st of Advent

I love the family feeling of the Star Trek Voyager crew. I'm sure they would have celebrated the 1st of advent together as well. Even if there is no religion anymore in the Star Trek future, I hope we hold up some traditions. And with such a diverse crew, they would have a lot of different holidays to celebrate!

Wherever you are in the world my friends, please light a candle and make today into a special day. For yourself.