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Astra's actionfigures in Action

The Orville, Gotham, Star Trek, Stranger Things, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Stargate, Sherlock

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14 October 1973
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I'm totally addicted to Action Figure Theater (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow, Star Trek, Sherlock, Stargate) and miniatures and spend way too much money on it, I also customize figures, write fanfictions, love reading, painting, drawing, being creative in general.

I have met all my favourite actors at least once - Richard Dean Anderson at four conventions, John Barrowman at three conventions plus the panto stage door so far and David Tennant at a con and at the stage door for "Much ado about nothing". All three are very nice and down-to-Earth guys.

Most of my vacations so far have been fandom related, I loved Vancouver where we visited shooting locations of "MacGyver" and "Stargate", and I equally loved Cardiff with its filming locations of "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood". Travelling together with friends and having fun is the best thing ever!

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